Waste Is Energy

Nnamdi Azikiwe University researchers have uncovered the energy potential in the waste generated in each local government of Anambra state stating that it can solve the problem of electricity in the state if efficiently harnessed.

In a study published in the Journal of Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (10.1007/s13399-021-01783-5), the researchers explained that Aguata local government alone generates about 198 tons of municipal solid waste daily of which the organic component is estimated to contain 545 megawatts of recoverable electricity.

A large-scale plant of about 50 m3 can be installed in all the LGAs, with a maximum of 4 plants in Idemili and Aguata LGA, they said. This finding was published by Prof Emmanuel Chukwuma of the Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering and co-workers.